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Vegan, vegetarian and sustainable cooking classes

Vegan, vegetarian and sustainable cooking classes: In Tuscany: from the ancient traditions to the new travelers’ demand

Cooking class inspired by Tuscan traditions with organic food and products at km O (kilometer zero)

The main focus of this course is the connection between the territory and the table. Through a culinary journey, starting from local and organic products, the participants will have the opportunity to discover unknown tastes and smells thanks to the authentic flavors and ingredients employed.

Tuscan cooking class for vegans and vegetarians

Cooking class with vegan and vegetarian dishes inspired by Tuscan traditions with organic food and products at zero km. The traditional Tuscan cuisine marries the needs of vegan and vegetarian travellers through historical recipes, such as pappa al pomodoro (tomato soup), ribollita and homemade pasta with blackthorn; typical examples of simple dishes that are ambassadors of culture and nourishment.

Sustainable cooking class: recycling in the kitchen

The most famous dishes of our culinary tradition are made with recycled ingredients. For example, panzanella and ribollita, in which stale or old bread is the main ingredient. The course explores traditions, sharing with the participants the secrets of traditional Tuscan recipes. We will learn how our grandparents recycled ingredients: they did not threw anything away!

Memory in the kitchen cooking class: cooking and storytelling

The main theme of this course is the memory of our family through food: the recipes and ingredients that we hand down through generations will be told through a culinary journey interspersed with stories that continue to bind us to dishes.