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St. Francis and Leonardo’s landscape

St. Francis and Leonardo’s landscape: Touched by the Valtiberina landscape. Discovering St. Francis and the landscape of Leonardo da Vinci along ancient nineteenth railways

How do you address an unknown territory? How do you travel the roads and paths marked by time?

Rossano, with his passion, his frown all Tuscan and his deep knowledge of the area (surely the friend that everyone wants to have in Anghiari), will lead us to the discovery of the Tiber river Valley, a place of mysticism, peace, nature and of great historical and naturalistic meaning.

You can choose to start from the Roman bridge of Ponte alla Piera to follow the Way of the English that intersects with the path of St. Francis arriving to the Casella Hermitage. There you will have the chance to stay overnight, if you would like to experience a monastic moment.

But you might also decide to follow the route of the old railway that connected Arezzo in the nineteenth century to Fossato di Vico, with a station at Anghiari. Following the old tunnels and bridges you can reach the Sorci Castle. This castle is full of history and stories that you will have the opportunity to experience through the stories of someone who, day after day, continues to devote himself to this territory.

And the landscapes of Leonardo da Vinci? Rossano will guide you on the plain of the Battle of Anghiari, so that you can relive the event and the places painted by Leonardo.

Hiking can be a moment for yourself, an opportunity to relate to the territory, to create new friendships and to slow down!