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The lost memory

The lost memory: A walk discovering the lost memory of Pieve Santo Stefano, homeland of Italian memoirs

It was no coincidence that the Diary Archive was established in Pieve Santo Stefano. Where the German mines in 1944 wiped out much of the architectural and artistic memory of the town, now there is the place that holds the written memory of a nation. The easy walking in the town provides the possibility of discovering what has been preserved. For example, there is the Tempietto del Colledestro, which, from ancient Roman times, has celebrated the bond between Pieve and the river Tiber which passes through the old town. This is a place rich in Tuscan art (see: Della Robbia survived work), and the former location of the Florentine magistrates. Our walking tour will end at the Basilica della Madonna dei Lumi, founded in 1590 on the site of an angelic miracle, which has given the town one of the most beautiful festivals in this region of Tuscany. You will walk to the rhythm of stories about Pieve, preserved in Pieve itself, in the Archive.