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Best Restaurants in Anghiari

Best Restaurants in Anghiari: Traditional recipes from Tuscan cuisine that taste like memory

In Anghiari many restaurant owners maintain the traditions of Tuscan food, and they are happy to sit and rest at the table with our travellers, to recall from memory this or that recipe of traditional anecdotes. This is a food and wine storytelling offered by Memory Route.

Walking through Anghiari you can stop at La Nena, to enjoy a first course of the famous bringoli with sugo finto, asking Sergio to describe where the recipe comes from, and if it is precisely the same as that of housewives in the past. For Memory Route travellers, La Nena restaurant serves traditional cuisine of the highest standard at a bargain price, seasoned with local ingredients and stories from Anghiari.

For a quick stop you can choose Al Cantuccio, in Baldaccio Square, where everyone, locals and visitors, sooner or later, has stopped. Some stopped for a slice of pizza or to enjoy two slices of bread with excellent Tuscan salami or the special of the day … sitting at the table, having a snack, chatting with the owners Cicalino and Domitilla, or just listening the local community discussing football, politics, women, work … poetry, philosophy.