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The Organic Farmhouse Le Ceregne

The Organic Farmhouse Le Ceregne: A combination of tradition, innovation and eco-tourism

Le Ceregne BIO is an award-winning farmhouse, internationally known for having given birth to the first project of glocal ecotourism in the Valtiberina, the Tiber River Valley. It has invested all its resources into memory and tradition, renewing and regenerating them into 2.0 narrative.

Giada Poggini recognised the significance of the rural culture of her grandfather Armando, seeing in this the roots of environmental sustainability. Collaborating with industry professionals, the farmhouse has brought its products, including wine, organic food and products at km O (kilometer zero), to worldwide attention.

As a real model of sustainability in tourism, the Farmhouse Ceregne BIO is offering experiential tours where Memory Route travellers learn to till the soil, harvest the olives, chestnuts and grapes. Working with local people, travellers return home with real and meaningful experience, feeling, not like tourists, but part of the Tuscan community.

In addition to harvests, the rural culture teaches us to eat and cook according to contemporary needs, but starting from stories and ancient and simple rituals.

Cooking class based on recycling and old vegetarian and vegan recipes.