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Nature and Storytelling in Tuscany

Nature and Storytelling in Tuscany: Green narrative paths in Anghiari

Green narrative: writing in nature

Our personal history is also the history of our meetings with the earth and with nature. To that deep connection, sooner or later, you need to come back. Touching, listening, pausing and writing awaken in us memories, traces, feelings. Listening to nature accompanied by a pen and paper, you can recognize that bond, which is far, perhaps dormant, but always present. We can allow our story to emerge through the sounds, meetings, images that nature offers us. A walk in an area where nature is still untouched is an experience of green storytelling: ground, stones, plants, trees, water, animals will become the main actors of stories and reflections.

Eco-storytelling: fantastic encounters with the art of nature

If we listen, nature speaks to us. It does so through sounds, sensations, touch. It does so through eyes alighting and going beyond. Eyes assisted by Piero Burzi, “the seeker of logs”, who, during his solitary walks along rivers and woods, has discovered pieces of wood with forms of fantastic creatures, able to attract and capture the look with a charm that creeps into the imagination. With this comes an understanding that nature has an art all its own. Meet these fantastic forms, accompanied by the experience of Piero, before entering the imaginary world that writing opens to us, allowing us to encounter nature itself.

Writing in the ancient village: stories from ancient stones

An ancient and unspoiled town such as Anghiari fascinates even if only seen from far away. Delving through its narrow streets, to the squares, to the hidden places means getting carried away by the ages that have passed through it. What do scenery, houses, rocks, views, alleys and stairs tell us about our history? Walk through Anghiari with pen and notebook, and allow ancient memory to encounter personal memory. An experience of writing in the town is an encounter with history, with your own history.