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Experience Leonardo Da Vinci

Experience Leonardo Da Vinci: Experience the world of Leonardo Da Vinci and the Battle of Anghiari

Inside the sites of the Battle of Anghiari

A trip back in time to experience the sites of the Battle of Anghiari, painted by Leonardo Da Vinci. The relationship between contemporary landscape and historical landscape is real, tangible, in Anghiari. You could touch it with your hand. Along the way, while listening to storytelling about the battle and the 1440 rural landscape, you will experience the elements of the landscape unchanged since that time. There will be demonstrations of measuring distances with Renaissance tools and theories.

Who was Leonardo Da Vinci in truth?

An experience recreating the studio of Leonardo da Vinci where you can perform experiments. You will enter into the mind of Leonardo through games that help understand what his main job was. You can join workshops at the museum with experiences of optics and physics.

The Battle of Leonardo: beyond the mystery

The lost painting of the Battle of Anghiari by Leonardo Da Vinci is a real mystery; there are many theories about what really happened. We propose to revisit this matter together, experiencing the materials used by DA Vinci, so everyone can make up their own mind about what happened. A workshop on painting and materials, including a visit to the museum section “The Battle and Leonardo Da Vinci.”