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Garden of Memory

Garden of Memory: Renicci, from concentration camp to experienced memory

A detention place, where today we celebrate memory. Low, long, rectangular buildings surrounded by a forest of oak trees: this is what remains of n. 97 Renicci: the Internment fascist and Badoglian Camp. Between October 1942 and September 1943, 10,000 prisoners were held here: civilian Yugoslavs, captured by Italian troops in Slovenia and in the Province of Ljubljana, anarchists from Ventotene, and veterans from the war in Spain. 159 lost their lives due to the harsh conditions of detention.

The Memory Garden has been developed within the area of the concentration camp, and it hosts the annual celebrations related to the Day of Remembrance. In 2017 a graphic novel will be published (designed by the Venetian artist Fabio Santin) based on the unpublished diary of an anarchist in the camp. It rebuilds a piece of unknown history of Europeans “wandering knights” in the struggle for freedom. You can choose guided tours of the area as well as a possible 4.4 km walk from the train station, the place of arrival of prisoners to Camp Renicci, with small performances and final stop in a typical Tuscan private facility.