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Enoteca & BIO Simoncelli

Enoteca & BIO Simoncelli: Wine and locally sourced (kilometre zero) food in Tuscany

Tradition, gastronomy and memory on the Memory Route: in search of the earliest forms of local sourcing of food in Tuscany.

The great-grandfather Emilio Simoncelli sold grain, wine and cheese back in 1875.

At that time there wasn’t a shop; they went door to door carrying fresh produce on a special wagon, “il barroccio”, a two-wheeled cart capable of supporting weights over long distances. Reducing waste and delivering fresh produce door to door, Emilio and his carters were the forerunners of sustainability.

Today, four generations later, Federica and her mother Tiziana make home-made organic aperitifs themselves.Walter teaches clients the secrets of wine and Luigi remains a point of reference for the Enoteca he opened in 1976. You can find unbottled wine, Chianti, and other famous wines such as Bolgheri, Frescobaldi, Antinori, as well as organic wines. Organic pasta, flour home-made jams and preserves and muesli are some of the other products on sale at the Enoteca.

Enoteca Simoncelli welcomes you to exclusive wine tastings and the Aperitivo Ritual, an Italian habit that everybody should take home, and that teaches a lot about our approach to wine.