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Craftsmanship and restoration of upcycled objects

Craftsmanship and restoration of upcycled objects: The products of Elena Merendelli in Anghiari

In the heart of Anghiari there is the handcraft workshop where Elena Merendelli peels, smooths and returns to different life lost pieces of history or pieces discarded by the construction industry. From memory to art, this is a process of eco sustainability. The medieval village, surrounded by wild woods and neat countryside, is the ideal place for painting on terracotta, wood and canvas. Products that become works of art for the traveller to take home as a memory of travel in this corner of Toscana. By entering this workshop with Memory Route, you will see how the cycle of the seasons escapes seriality by micro-details, because the Tuscan landscapes and the views of the roofs of Anghiari combine themselves with snow, rain and sun, always from different angles. Perhaps they exist. Or maybe not.