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Busatti’s Ancient Textiles

Busatti’s Ancient Textiles: The excellence of the Made in Italy in Tuscany

Talking about handcrafted fabric means talking about Busatti. In the historic centre of Anghiari, since 1842, the firm Busatti has been producing precious fabric. There is plenty of memory here. The ancient looms, under the guidance of the wise hands of the Tuscan craftsmen, work every day inside the historic headquarter. It is possible to visit the old machines that carry with themselves the smell of the wool, the cotton, the linen.

Today Busatti is known in the whole world and is synonymous with the quality of Made in Italy. With their fabric, the Busatti family also speak of a territory, that of Anghiari and Toscana. The family participates actively in Memory Route, hoping to get in contact with all of you!