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Bread with Tuscan olive oil

Bread with Tuscan olive oil: Bread with Tuscan olive oil from Leda

What is the secret of the simplest and most significant taste experience in Tuscany, bread with oil?

Organic healthy ingredients at km zero, used with passion and respect for Tuscan tradition. Leda uses flour produced with her grain, and Tuscan extra virgin olive oil from her family mill.

For Memory Route travellers we offer a guided tour of the mill with lessons on how to taste olive oil and a small snack (bread with olive oil, mineral water, wine, salami and cheese).

Also recommended: a cooking class with Leda in which you can learn how to make bread, pizza, cakes and all baked goods from the Tuscan tradition.

In her classes, Leda uses the lievito madre (starter), explaining its nature and use in the kitchen, as well as that of extra virgin olive oil, sharing with our travellers the basis of our culinary culture.