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The art of Inlaying and Furniture Restoration

The art of Inlaying and Furniture Restoration: Told by those who experience it firsthand in Anghiari, in Tuscany

Anghiari has been linked for decades to the art of restoration and woodworking. In the shops of the historical center the skilled hands of the craftsmen bring to life unique works of art. There are hundreds of stories hidden in the drawers that the woodworkers and antique dealers of Anghiari could tell. They could tell their personal story or old ones that sometimes appear from hidden drawers, old chests or locked wardrobes.

This Memory Route path is recommended for those travellers ready to welcome storytelling related to craftsmanship in Tuscany.

Wood and Renaissance in Tuscany: the tarsia (the inlay)

The art of wood and the ability of the master artisans of today in preserving the know-how of the Renaissance. The “inlay” is an amazing technique that can “paint” with the wood, through the wise use of different forms and essences. We retrace this technique unchanged through time, thanks to a workshop run by a specialized craftsman.