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Anghiari Theatre

Anghiari Theatre: Between art and storytelling in Tuscany

The theatre is one of the cultural landmarks in Anghiari, one of the hundred most beautiful towns in Italy. Built in 1789 by the nobleman Benedetto Corsi, the theatre is located in the center of Anghiari, just outside the walls of the old town. It remained in the family until the early 1800s when it was purchased by the Academy of Ricomposti, which undertook various alterations and restorations. In 1985 it was purchased by the Municipality of Anghiari.

Today the Teatro Stabile of Anghiari Association (better known as the Theatre of Anghiari) administers the splendid building whose doors are open to the possibility of innovative artistic, theatrical, musical, audiovisual projects, without forgetting the link with the territory, its culture and its memory. From 2015, it has been the location of Anghiari Dance Hub, a place of training and performance for young Italian and international choreographers and dancers. There are shows and performances throughout the year, and for Memory Route travellers there’s the chance to meet the artistic director: Andrea Merendelli, a local celebrity from Anghiari.