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Ancient Osteria La Pergola

Ancient Osteria La Pergola: Food and wine in the heart of Tuscany

Traditional first course dishes, second course dishes with km O (kilometre zero) products, typical recipes and smiles. This is what you will find in Tavernelle¸ where Doretta cares passionately for her recipes of tradition. Together with her children, she welcomes both travellers who incidentally drop in as they pass through and the locals that day by day, week by week, keep enjoying her cooking.

A big fireplace, with a fire in winter-time, in an intimate room, where, with a few friends, you can enjoy the delicious Tuscan food that emerges from Doretta’s kitchen, from i tagliolini alla Nana (homemade noodles with white duck sauce) that you only enjoy here, to the fabulous desserts of the Tuscan tradition.

An ancient and welcoming place, where everything is genuine, the food and the friendliness of those who welcome guests. Just what the Memory Route recommends.